Do You Need Blueprint Labels?

Blueprint Labels

Let's face it, organizing hundreds of blueprints or maps can be a nightmare to manage and almost impossible to search through. That was until we released Clipper Tags.

Clipper Tags are perfect for Blueprint Labels

Clip-on I.D. Tags for
Blueprint Labels
Clipper Tags makes storing, organizing, and finding blueprints, building plans, maps, and drawings a snap! The re-usable steel clips easily attach to any rolled material. The replaceable cardboard tags come in 2 sizes.
Clipper Tags
Clipper Tags are great for Building, Zoning, Planning, Water, Public Works and Fire Departments, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Interior Designers, Home Builders, General Contractors, Electricians and much, much more!
Point the tongue
of clipper tag
towards you...
How to use the clipper tag - step 1
Slide tab "A"
of tag into slot...
How to use the clipper tag - step 2
Fold tag away from
you, around clip and
insert tab "B" into
slot under tab "A"...
How to use the clipper tag - step 3
Tag must be locked
in to position. Push
tongue towanrd tag and flip upwards-
through opening.
How to use the clipper tag - step 4
Insert into the
end of blueprint.

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How to use the clipper tag - step 5